March 4, 2013


Hey everyone! Elder Six speaking. this week went so much faster than the last one, and unfortunately slightly less eventfull as the last one. but for the stuff that was actually eventfull… We invited Matt to get baptised and after 3 days of thinking about it he said yes. It is very excitimg! we will be having the baptism on the 23rd of this month! The Elders have still been very kind to me, and it helps to have them around when i think about you guys. The families who feed us are really kind as well, though im afraid that i will be fat by the end these 3 months alone. i do my best to exercise, push ups and sit ups mostly. Oh! and most importantly, while riding back to the appartment we encountered a very sad looking man. apparently he had just been kicked out of his home, had job he was afrasid of losing, and some other depressing problems. his name was Mike, i gave him a copy of the book of Mormon and wrote down a few scriptures for him to read. I hpoe hes all right. well thats all what happened this week. Cant wait to hear back from you guys!
Elder Six
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