February 25, 2013

Hey Dad how are you and everyone else doing? things here have been great!

After you left me at the mission home i had to wait a while for the other missionaries to come. when they did, we then proceeded to the training. for the rest of the day we got a feel what its like to train on the mission Field by talking to random people on the ASU campus. I accidentally ran into Chandler Hovek while there. My temporary companion was Elder steer, he was very kind, and the family we stayed with were the Cooleys. the next day i was assigned to my official companion Elder Dockstader. he has been very kind and patient with me. we share an apartment with two other missionaries, Elders Poffenberger and Hatch. i have met so many great people here so far, first there is Bryan, a recent convert who is going through a lot of problems right now and i really understand what hes going through. Next is Matt, a very high spirited young man who we are trying to commit to a baptismal date. i believe we need to strengthen his testimony a lot before we get him to truly commit. the families i have encountered are wonderful and truly care about us, they have kept VERY well fed. Most days are extremely busy and i barely have enough time to write in my journal. Oh! i also have a funny story for you. While Dockstader and i were riding our bikes, we noticed someone walking on the sidewalk. it was my turn to go talk so i rode up and greet the man. just then my bike decides to go haywire, and flings me in front of the handle bars. the guy barely even stops walking and only to say “How did that Happen?” admittedly i got up the second after i fell and without a scratch on me.

I have had some great experiences here so far, i really hope to have more. have any of you guys started breaking down yet. i kinda miss you all. hope you are managing without me.


Elder six


How does my room look?

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